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"Back to the roots"… What are basic human needs? Food, water, a place to sleep. What are essential human wishes? Peace, joy, to get along with each other. "Arco Project" - this is the realization of a salutary community; beyond greed, inequitable mightiness and consuming behavior; back to social mutuality and being in harmony with environment and nature.

El Hierro, Islas Canarias

What is it about

"Arco Project" has been launched on 15 April 2016 as a private, non-commercial initiative to establish an autonomous and self-sufficient community. We now invite interested people, enthusiasts and patrons to support this project. The plan is to build up this project on the smallest of the Canary Islands, El Hierro.

The local habitants of El Hierro have managed to make their island independent from external power supply. To have sense of community is a natural habit of "island people". They know that they are living all together on the same island. We want to buy ground in El Hierro and build up the project there. Regarding financial support, we are now working in advance on "crowdfunding" and private based donations. If we start to be more players, we can think of organizung us as an association. The "Arco Project" is an open project and the idea is to build up more communities time by time in other places of the world and/or support them with know-how.

How to define the term "community"

The community is the core of social human structure. The clan. The strain. This is a homogeneous, self-sufficient composite; consisting of families and individuals. Every member joins the social safety net of that composite. The "government" may be diverse, depending on the culture. The higher awareness of the clan, the less it needs rules and the more intense the feeling of being "community" can grow. The way how the clan is set up; is depending on whether nomadic or settled, or a mixture of both. In which way a tribe is living and how it supplies itself, depends on the location, the climate and the food supply. The members of a tribe are borne by an "us" feeling. This gives members a sense of integration and supersession. A consistent and well operating group is living in harmony with their environment.

The idea of "Arco Project"

We have choosed "Arco" because for us it contains "ark" and "arco iris" (the spanish word for "Rainbow"). Arco-Project, the arc project. We build a bridge back to our roots of humanity.

The idea is to settle on a piece of land to grow own food, to have own water and to use own energy resources for living in independently self-sufficient way. This includes perma-agriculture, ecological construction, water treatment, composting; the creation of a self-sustaining organic circuits. May be also goat farming; a typical canarian way to include the animal as a part of the agriculture.

We invite people with experience in permaculture, agricultural knowledge, eco-housing construction, crafts, etc .; as advisors, woofers or supporters. We are open to economic technology and know-how and also to innovative ideas.

El Hierro

Community philosophy of "Arco Project"

Without structure no community can remain permanently. This is the problem of many groups who rely on "love" and "anarchy". Mostly the original aim dissolves in chaos. The reason is, that "love" and "anarchy" as terms are often misused to feed selfish pettiness. Therefore, we have a "filter". It helps to maintain a common focus and it definitely does have to do with love and self-determination. We have to focus a clear group spirit. This is the factor holding together a group.

Who is matching us: the target is vegetarian-vegan; being free of nicotine, alcohol, drugs and other addictions. We do not focus a specific political orientation; we do not think that's necessary. We behave in accordance with the guidelines of nonviolent communication and respect. Spirituality we live with meditation and yoga. We think it is important that the person who wants to live with us, has a good connection to the earth and own connection to the source of life. Someone who is beyond his anger and rage and he no longer has the feeling to fight something; someone with heart, enthusiasm, love and sense of community. Someone who is really grown up and who is in clear consciousness. We neither fight against the world nor against anything. We are not planning to save the planet and we do not proselytize. We live in harmony with our projects; this is on what we focus our energy and attention.

In the beginning times of this project it is mandatory that we are as a healthy tree trunk. This does not mean that we would not be able to start to include hardship cases later in time, but we must first run our project "stable" to carry such people.

As community we want to be in contact with other communities in peaceful communication and in barter; concerning food, know-how and material. We are talking about peaceful coexistence.

Funding and sponsership

We live in the "modern civilization", money is internationally recognized in as a medium of exchange. We need to buy ground for the project. We hereby direct our concerns to the "swarm intelligence":

Are you interested, do you think it is cool that we do that and you would like to support our project? You can do that by financial grant basis of donation. If you do so, click on the link and write us an email. You will receive the bank details from us and you can proceed a sum of your choice with the note "Arco Project".

support us!!!

You want to join?

Our "filter" does fit to you and you are seeking for people thinking similar to your ideas of life? Our goals are matching? Contact us! Write an email or call us (click on "impressum").

El Hierro


DateAction taken
15 Apr 16Launching of "Arco Project".
20 Aug 16We began to look out for land for "Arco Project".

Text by Christian Malzahn

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